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Wall Hung Gas Boiler


In 2015, I was invited to join the panel design of the YINUO series. It was a localized and improved design, and we needed to design a new look for this terminal product. Due to cost and positioning considerations, we could not re-design the existing mold in terms of size, which posed a challenge to us.


Renew the style

The original model is clearly outdated in terms of styling. In 2015, the flat style has become popular and the anthropomorphic (bull head shape) look of the control panel is no longer accepted by the market.

Competitive Product Research

In design, we refer to several existing products.


We refer to BAXI's control panel layout.


We also considered color schemes for other product lines


Considering the structural dimensions inside our products. We decided to combine and redesign the above two outline and to highlight the Lamborghini brand identity.


The Final Design

In the automotive field, Lamborghini represents for vicious and power. But for home appliances, weaken the design language is needed. We define home as natural, comfortable and safe.

So I flattened the design of the bullhorn, with two horns flipping up and down to form a raised bow shape. The control knob is naturally included in the dynamic area divided by the curve.

The shape divides the panel into three areas, leaving exclusive space for the logo, and the brand. But the brand concept is still highlighted.

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