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Superpower is a 4 weeks loT project, aims to develop a device for super heros. In this project, I define superpower is like a spider sensor, able to be alert to nearby dangers. This ability is not easy to detect, it is a combination of multiple super-sensations, and I will focus on the ability to perceive vibrations.
Meanwhile, many superpowers also come with the power of backlash. Superheroes need this device to protect themselves.


What kind of superpower do I want to explore?

The superhero's power is to perceive the vibration of surrounding objects, especially the vibration of the house. The house always gives people a sense of stability. Many collapse events have no signs before they happen.

He can feel the waves generated by the vibration. When an abnormality occurs, he can perceive the unusualness of the house.


Superpower is not always a gift. It also bothered our hero at the same time, because of the sensitivity to vibration. Make it a burden for him, if not to control the use of this ability, his heart will not be able to withstand. So he needs a device to protect him. It will remind the superhero to control his powers.



The concept is that the vibration will directly affect the superhero's heart rate, and he senses danger through his heartbeat. Therefore, the prototype design idea is to use the heart rate sensor, to obtain heartbeat data, and then through the flashing LED to indicate the overflow of superpower.


First Prototype
Fix the LED in the fingertip position. The lead wire is external for easy testing of the LED's function. Use of external battery allows the device to work even when away from a fixed power source.


Second Iteration
LEDs in the fingertips can interfere with normal movement. Therefore I adjusted it to the back of the hand and the wire is hidden inside the glove. The heart rate sensor was added in preparation for the final test.

Final Device
The overall operation was good in the test.

Video Demo

This project tested my ability to build ideas quickly. I was given a limited amount of time to conceive a design concept and create a rapid prototype device. A complete conceptual design was eventually completed, the basic functionality of the device was successfully implemented, and the design was effectively iterated upon.

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