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Trash Rally

Augmented Parade

A public parade exhibition and event hosted in Downtown Los Angeles.
Our group designed an AR experience project ‘Trash Rally’ that propose a formal aesthetic and emotion proposition, using experiential design prototypes and tools such as Lens Studio, SnapML and Unity.



'Trash Rally' parade considers garbage not a city proble, but a part of the urban ecology that symbolizes a surplus value of daily objects.  After being recycled by garbage trucks, the meaning of the trash's existence will be reinterpreted by other subjects, like nature and the recycling unit.
We focuses on the moment when disposed urban items are returned to the recycling process to fulfil their life cycles in city ecology. We see garbage trucks as the caller and the star of the parade to celebrate the important time of new value empowerment. The periodic parade will take place every time the truck starts to collect daily trash following its planned routine. When a garbage truck passes by, the parade starts, use your phone to scan the truck and join the parade.


To better present this parade, I explored various visual styles and technical approaches.


Mockup with 2D patterns


Using object detection in lens studio


Object detection + 3D animation


I pre-animated the animation in Blender and referenced the size of a common garbage truck in Los Angeles to ensure the correct scale for AR footage. Use Unity to add mapping to garbages.


Video Demo

parade town.jpg
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